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Time-Saving Troubleshooting Tools

My ongoing mission is to create awesome diagnostic and repair tools – that can help everyone in the WordPress community, from end users to tech support to designers to developers! I have been developing code for WordPress for over 10 years and come up with some truly unique – and just downright useful – tools and plugins… and I feel that NOW is the time to really get them out there!

To do so, I need YOUR help! Support me to support you! Show your appreciation for all I have already given here so I can continue to give more… Become a patron today so I can keep releasing new projects, improve and bugfix existing ones and add more features – and overall just keep making cool stuff to help everyone. 😎

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“Sounds great! Show me what you got…”

Here’s a current list of WP Medic’s groovy and innovative projects, some already available for download here right now (and as plugins in the WordPress repository) and others ready to be released as time permits:

  • WP ParaMedic
    emergency diagnostic recovery tool

    White Screen of Death? Server 500 Error? Error caused by an unknown plugin or theme? ParaMedic dropin instantly tests all your plugins and themes with WordPress individually for errors, letting you know quickly what is causing issues. While this can save anyone time in fixing their website by identifying conflicts faster. → read more…

  • pending

  • AdminSanity
    sanitize your Admin Area

    AdminSanity cleans up your Admin Area automatically, grouping and hiding the clutter of Admin Notices, sorting the of Admin Menu items and fixing display issues with the Admin Bar. Plus it also adds expanding Admin Menu and Admin Bar to provide at-a-glance access to finding what you are looking for without hovering submenus. → read more…

  • just

  • WPX
    multiply the power of WP CLI

    WPX is shell script wrapper for running commands on multiple sites via the WordPress Command Line Interface (WP CLI.) This allows you to streamline repetitive tasks for core, plugin or themes – from installations to activations to updates to file syncing… and much more. → read more…

  • released!

  • WP Bugbot
    track down bugs and related code faster

    User interface to search and display all occurrences of any keyword within the code of installed plugins, themes or core of the current site as it is. No need to download an entire site just to run “find” to track something down – do it fast and do it server-side with this easy to use interface. → read more…

  • released!

  • WP AutoMedic
    self-healing nanobots for your site

    WP AutoMedic is a frontend script for your WordPress site that detects resource load errors in your visitor’s browser – and then automatically attempts to reload them, The effect is that the webpage display can heal itself of network glitches which result in broken images or missing stylesheets – without needing the visitor to do a full page refresh. That’s pretty damn cool eh! → read more…

  • released!

  • Guten Free Options
    editor choice without the allergies

    On the fence whether to use Classic Editor or try the new Block Editor (Gutenberg)? Or need to use both in a project? No problems. Guten Free Options allows you to pick what editor is needed where and also switch between them with the click of a button. → read more…

  • released!

  • WP Medic
    site health monitoring and repairs

    Displays site health and debugging information, performs critical diagnostic tests, monitors your site for broken images, with detailed error log display including information on common errors. Also comes with an auto-installer for the WP ParaMedic conflict tester. With more to be added…

  • under

“Why are you giving all this hard work away?”

In order to have time to develop, release and continually update all these awesome projects, I need as much support as I can get so I can devote more time to them rather than other paid work. Doing all the coding, interfaces, testing, updates, design, images, documentation and plethora of other bits and pieces needed for each release is already more than an extra full time job..! Marketing and trying to “sell” this stuff would be another full time job on top of that. 😮

Instead, because these tools and plugins have such wide appeal, I’d rather give them away for everyone to use. If enough people use and support them, then it will speed up the development on all projects by allowing me to focus attention where it is really needed. To that end, I am asking for patronage from the WordPress community – from end users, freelancers, developers, designers, consultants, agencies, premium plugin and theme authors, and web hosts… Yes that means YOU! 😉

Together I believe we can not just help people, but by having easy to use tools that find issues and fix things faster, we can help people to help more people!. By effectively streamlining the resolution of support issues, that time is saved for by both users and developers for devotion to their own creative projects! 😀

Support WP Medic through Patreon to Join me in the Quest for Better Internets!

P.S. If you skipped down to here and missed the Download buttons, they are next to each of the projects listed above. 🙂


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