How healthy is your website?

Are you overdue for your next

WordPress Site
Health Checkup

Just like our bodies, websites need checkups to make sure they are functioning correctly. You may have heard that “prevention is better than a cure” in a medical sense, but this is just as true for WordPress sites as it is for us!

This is mostly because there are a lot of complex “moving parts”… From data to design, users to interfaces, content to core, themes to plugins, hosting to optimization, security to speed… With all this and more, you might wonder how they work at all!

And sometimes they don’t. They break, leaving you scrambling to find out what went wrong and how it can be fixed and avoided next time.

Why Get a Checkup?

There are so many reasons for your business to get website checkup!

  • Having sufficient security and backups in place can prevent hacks and make recovery from them easier.
  • Optimizing performance improves both search engine rankings and visitor experience.
  • Identifying errors and any other problems, and fixing them before your users experience them provides greater trust in your service and increases sales conversions.
  • Simply knowing your site is tested and runnning smoothly is one less thing in your business to stress about.
  • As your business expands, and you want to add more content, features and/or marketing to your site, you will know you are building your business on solid foundations, and have a clearer idea on what needs improving.
    • Who can do a WordPress Health Checkup?

      Finding someone who knows what to look for isn’t easy. Doctors train years to learn medical diagnosis, and there is no substitute for an experienced mechanic when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. You wouldn’t put these important tasks in the hands of an amateur who can easily overlook what an expert eye could pick up instantly.

      It’s the same when it comes to WordPress sites – both training and experience are needed to be able to identify a wide variety of potential issues that could be affecting your website without you knowing about it. There are a lot of people in the WordPress industry who can do different things, but I call myself the “WP Medic” because I have over 12 years working with WordPress on a very wide variety of tasks, and from that have found that I can now identify issues both faster and more accurately. This alone enables me to deliver a comprehensive checkup at an affordable price.

      What will I get?

      • A comprehensive report on any issues found in any of the areas checked (see below list)
      • An evaluation of those considered to be the most priority items (so important!)
      • Two hours of development time to address as many minor issues found as possible.
      • A list of other fixes or improvements that can be made with estimated completion times.

      What will be Checked?

      With the huge variety of possible uses for WordPress, the exact details of each checkup is going to need to be tailored to suit your website’s needs. Obviously there can be a lot to cover, but it is all about knowing where to look, what tools to use and what to look for. However, there are some common areas that will need to be checked:

      • Setup
        gather information relevent to report on server and website setup
      • Errors
        check for recorded errors, debug logs and for broken links and images
      • Updates
        review of core, plugin and theme updates, and current update strategy
      • Security
        perform malware scan and review security software and settings
      • Backups
        check of current server and other backup strategy recommendations
      • Performance
        identify pagespeed bottlenecks and optimization improvements
      • Design
        review for design oversights and mobile responsiveness problems
      • SEO
        review of basic search engine optimization checks and improvements
      • User Experience
        review of visitor login, registration and conversion flow


      What do I Need to Provide?

      • Your Name and Address (for an Invoice)/li>
      • The WordPress site address and login link
      • An admininstrator level login (create a new one you can remove later)
      • FTP login details to your server (again create a new one temporarily)
      • (Optional) Control Panel/SSH Server login details (for information gathering)
      • Plus any additional relevent information you can provide or want checked

      When will I Get It?

      I operate on a first come first serve basis, and as I’m involved in a number of other projects, and can fit in only one checkup per day maximum and will get to them in the order received. Upon receiving payment I will do my best to give you an estimated scheduled date for completion. Of course if you have any urgent issues please let me know upon ordering, as I can probably make time to attend to those as a priority, before commencing with the rest of the checkup as scheduled.

      Will you be available for Followup work?

      This would need to be determined on a case by case basis. There is a wide varierty of issues that could be found, so it is hard to say beforehand whether it would be suited to me or someone else. As part of the report I will identify those areas I can best help with and those areas that would be better done by others.

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