Is Your WordPress Site Overdue for a Health Checkup?


If you're concerned and overwhelmed with the state of your website, I can't blame you... there's a lot of moving parts to deal with, and technical problems can arise at the drop of a hat. You might wonder how they manage to run at all.

If you feel like you're building your business and livelihood on something precarious that could fail at any time, then taking action to get a checkup can really help relieve your anxiety and stress. Why keep living on the edge?

Take Early Action to Prevent Crashes


Just like our bodies, websites need checkups to make sure they are functioning correctly. You may know that “prevention is better than a cure” in a medical sense, but this is just as true for WordPress sites as it is for us!

No technology is perfect. Far from it - things break probably way more often than you realize! That's a real business problem. If you don't know the working state of your site, you could lose thousands before you're even aware of it, then paying more on top to fix it urgently.

A site health check can prevent these unexpected losses.

When Maintenance is Not Enough

Every time you update your site, it's possible something could break. But, if you don't keep your site updated, you're more at risk of security vulnerabilities. So... back to the first option! You're married to the merry-go-round of maintenance.

And that's all fine up to a point. Where things start to break a little. Not always noticeably at first, but as your data diverges from the way it's processed, the unexpected emerges. Warnings, layout glitches, fatal errors... and the dreaded "white screen of death." Or worse, belated emails from your visitors telling you your site has been broken for days! It's not a good look.


Resolve these potential problems before they annoy your users.

Everyone Could Use a Second Pair of Eyes


I've heard it from a lot of experienced developers and code maintainers: "I wish I had a clone to help with the work... or just a second pair of eyes on this." It doesn't matter how good your site developer is (or was) - they are still human and still make mistakes like everyone else.

Most sites I look at have some kind of custom code hiding away, unlooked at since the original site was developed. From hard-coded templates, to cut-and-paste snippets, to reinventing the wheel to do something simple! Your site might rely on those few lines of code to run without you knowing about it...

An expert review can find issues not obvious to the untrained eye.

How to Find an Expert

Finding someone who knows what to look for isn’t easy. Doctors train years to learn medical diagnosis, and there is no substitute for an experienced mechanic when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. You wouldn’t put these important tasks in the hands of an amateur who can easily overlook what an expert eye could pick up instantly.

It’s the same when it comes to WordPress sites – both training and experience are needed to be able to identify a wide variety of potential issues that could be affecting your website without you knowing about it. There are a lot of people in the WordPress industry who can do different things, but I call myself the “WP Medic” because I have over 15 years working with WordPress in numerous projects and roles, and can now identify issues both faster and more accurately.


This skill let's me deliver a quality checkup at an affordable price.

What's Included in Your Health Check

I follow a comprehensive review process to look at all the key areas of your website:

  • Setup
    gather information relevent to report on server and website setup
  • Errors
    check for recorded errors, debug logs and for broken links and images
  • Updates
    review of core, plugin and theme updates, and current update strategy
  • Security
    perform malware scan and review security software and settings
  • Backups
    check of current server and other backup strategy recommendations
  • Performance
    identify pagespeed bottlenecks and optimization improvements
  • Design
    review for design oversights and mobile responsiveness problems
  • User Flow
    review of visitor login, registration and conversion flow

You'll receive a full report on the status of these areas and recommendations for improvements.
You'll also get an evaluation of those considered to be the most priority items (so important!)
Plus a list of other fixes or suggestions that can be made with estimated completion times.

Bonus Troubleshooting Time


As an introductory offer, I'm adding in 2 hours of expert troubleshooting valued at $200 to fix any urgent problems that I identify. You can choose from the recommended priorities where you want me to spend this time on your site, whether it's custom coding or style fixes. I track this time in 15 minute increments per issue and work fast and hard at getting your priority problems solved.

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