With this latest release, WPX is feeling much more solid. There was still some minor glitchiness leftover from improvements in 1.0.4, such as misplaced invalid source message, color output from WP CLI preventing some command success detection, a broken syncmuplugin command and incorrect syntax for the syncdropin command. As a priority, these have all been fixed.

In addition, some new commands have been added:

  • verifyplugin – to check plugin checksums. Uses rsync to verify checksums for plugin sources in wpx.conf, or the standard wp plugin verify-checksums command if the plugin slug is not in the sources list.
  • updatelist – a handy command wrapper that checks for core/plugin/theme updates on specified site(s). Runs checkcore, listplugins updates and listthemes updates (to achieve this, listthemes now has similar result filtering capability to listplugins.)
  • deletemuplugin – deletes all files for a specified must-use plugin. Since must-use plugins are defined in the source list, until now removing them was a manual process. To resolve this, this command will match source files (using rsync) and remove them from your site(s) /wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory. (It should be noted this relies on the names of the files remaining the same! To ensure this, make sure the source slug you are using to remove them points to the source of the old mu-plugin files you are removing.)
  • deletedropin – this does the same thing as described for deletemuplugin but for dropin files (relative to the base install directory.)

Onwards! WPX version 1.0.5 is now available from the WPX GitHub Releases page and the WPX Homepage.

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